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B-10 Vlog

Wireless Microphone System NUX B-10 Vlog is a compact and lightweight wireless microphone system, consisting of a receiver and a transmitter, which can achieve a wireless distance of up to 30 meters. NUX B-10 can provide a stable wireless connection, record high-quality, low-noise, low-latency audio. It’s compatible with most existing cameras/mobile phones/tablets. And it’s a… Continue reading B-10 Vlog

Artists Morgan Van Harding

Morgan Van Harding ATTACK OF THE RISING Guitarist Los Angeles, California

Artists Kenny Kweens

Kenny Kweens

Artisrs Phillip Sandoval

Phillip Sandoval Armored Saint

Artists Sam Bam Koltun

Sam Bam Koltun My name is Sam “Bam” Koltun. I’m a  guitar player based in Los Angeles, CA and a recent graduate of Musicians Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in music performance. I am currently playing for GabrieLa, Knee High Fox, Evol Walks, Red Devil Vortex, & more, and have previously played for Budderside, Hillbilly Herald, & More.… Continue reading Artists Sam Bam Koltun

Artists Jeff Duncan

Jeff Duncan Singer, songwriter, musician. Guitars and vocals for DC4 and lead guitar for Armored Saint. Lead guitarist for Odin

Artists Toni Aleman

Toni Aleman Toni Aleman is a guitarist spawning his virtuous guitar artistry in the small town of Lancaster, California “Toni” began his professional work at a very early age. He received much attention at the budding age of 15; Toni was already being demanded and paid as a hired session artist for both in studio and… Continue reading Artists Toni Aleman

Artists Meegs Rascon

Meegs Rascon Gemini Syndrome , Coal Chamber

Artists Terry Myers

Terry Myers

Artsis Tommy Bolan

Tommy Bolan Warlock