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Star Liu 刘星星

Professional drummer, percussion artist, independent musician


Performance styles include: metal, jazz, pop, atmospheric electronic, traditional Chinese music, progressive rock, BGM and many other fields. Currently signed artist of NUX Digital Drums, Mapex Drums and Zildjian Cymbals.



2018 Won the Top 6 of the “National Music Festival (Season 1)” of Guangdong Satellite TV, as the percussion performer and arranger of the “Fu Sheng” Orchestra



2016 Won the Championship of Beijing Modern National Professional Drummer Competition and MAPEX Cross-Strait Professional Drummer Challenge


2016 Signed as ambassador of Zildjian cymbals and MAPEX drums


2015 Best Drummer Award of Metal Battle China Finals


2014 Silver Award of the Shanghai International Jazz Festival (Jazz Quartet Section), and Bronze Award for personal jazz percussion


2012 Formed “LATS” Orchestra and won the Championship of the National Band Competition


2007 3rd place of the “Urban Hero” National Jazz Drum Competition

Professional Experiences:


2015-present Live band drummer for Guangdong Satellite TV “National Music Festival”, “Flowing Songs”, “Labor Number”, and for Pearl River Channel “Mai Wang Hegemony” and “Cantonese Voice”. Cooperated with artists and musicians including Luo Dayou, Han Lei, Tan Yonglin, Li Keqin , Xu Zhian, Wu Qixian, Chen Ming, Jiang Dawei, Guan Mucun, Yang Hongji, Zhu Mingying, Ye Zhentang, Shuimu Nianhua, Sister Ju Ping, Wang Mingquan, Chen Sisi, Dai Yuqiang, Huo Zun, Alan, Wang Hongwei, etc


2019 Live percussion performer for the Macao’s 20th Anniversary of the Return ceremony


2019 Drummer for the 2019 Huang Kaiqin Five-color Tour


2019 Drummer for the Guangzhou Pearl River Film and Television Symphony Orchestra’s concert “I Love You China”


2018 Released “Basic Skills and Style (Snare Drum)”, the first snare drum and drum kit tutorial in domestic market


2018 Guangdong provincial research project “Oriental Dance Research and Exhibition”. Responsible for the arrangement of Middle East drum and African drum, percussion teaching and live performance


2018 Released “Basic Skills and Styles (The Basics)” Tutorial


2018 Research project “3D Holographic Soundscape Database Platform to Collect, Organize and Re-create Folk Songs, Muqam and Instrumental Music in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region”


2018 Orchestra album “SENTIENCE” released worldwide


2018 Drummer for “Daya Bay” National Instrumental Musical


2017 Participated in “Zildjian, Remo, Vic firth” academic seminars in the US, as the first invited Chinese percussion artist


2017 Joined Zildjian artists Rashid Williams and Matt Greiner’s performing tour in China


2017 Drummer for Xinghai Conservatory of Music “Xingguang Yuehai” tour


2016 Drummer for live musical “Blooming for You”


2016 Published “Analysis of Jazz Drum Practice and Performance in Dave Samuels’s ‘Afro Green'” on China HowNet


2015 Orchestra album “INTRUDER” released globally


2012 Teacher for “Special Children Education” in Guangzhou Children’s Education Center


2009 Judge for the “Pepsi Music-China Band Competition” Changsha Division


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