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Juhani Flinck

Dead Shape Figure (DSF) founded in 2003 in Helsinki, Finland


DSF is a famous Scandinavia thrash metal band who combines the most aggressive sound effects and cynical ideas to let their band being a sharp metal machine

Since 2005, DSF made innovation to go beyond themselves and became a fashion metal force rapidly what let them obtain more and more attention and praise from the world.


The band signed to the Dynamic Arts Recrods in 2008 and released the album “The Grand Karoshi” what won many praise and eyes from major European and American metal music magazine and other media party. In the same year, DSF performed a Europe Tour together with the big metal gun—Chimaira


Another masterpiece “The Disease of St. Vitus” which be released in 2010 be valued very high and established a huge fans army for DSF


The guitarist Juhani be the spokesperson of the well-known guitar brand DEAN and at the same time the DSF got supported by SHURE and became the spokesperson of SHURE. This let the DSF walking on the road of Europe Tour with the super star Cardle of Filth and Moonspell. Bingo!!!


2011, DSF had chances to make live show with America Death Metal band KATAKLYSM and European Tour Live with the veteran metal band Samael. Then in later of the year, DSF rallied Iced Earth and Evergrey these 2 leading powerful band together for an European Tour to making a show of power for their new upcoming album