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Jose Sousa

From Porto, Portugal, José Sousa is a self-taught guitarist with more than 10 years of experience. Regarding the metal scene, this artist can count with various participations in different bands with performences all over his country, as well in tours in Europe. His signature is marked from an undoubtedly evolution of his technic applied to extreme music, such as Metal, Progressive, Death metal, among others.

Along with solo projects in construction, José is considered a promise of the new generation for metal scene in Portugal.

Dethmor Apocalypse EP 2009 Know Your Enemies EP 2011 The Spell of the Dead Single 2013 Monuments to Extinction Full-length 2016
Black Tyrant Shadows of Satanic War EP 2007
Grunt Codex Bizarre (Deluxe Edition) Full-length 2017
Unfleshed UPCOMING ALBUM Full-length 2017

LIVE PERFORMANCES  Already played some of the biggest European grind oriented festivals and toured countries such as: 

– Guttural Goregrind Mafia IX (Czech Rep) 

– MetalGate Czech DeathFest 9 (Czech Rep) 

– Gothoom Open-air 2017 (Slovakia) 

– Vagos MetalFest 2017 (Portugal) 

– Deathmania II 2017 (Portugal) 

– Mass Execution 2012 (Portugal) 

– Butchery At Cristmas Time 2016 (Portugal) 

– SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2016 (Portugal) 

– Rape The Escape IX 2016 (Austria) 

– Invicta X-Massacre III 2011 (Portugal) 

– Hell in Sintra 2016 (Portugal) 

– plus several shows etc

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