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Jason Mercury

Jason, born in Athens, Greece, has been associated with several acts in adiverse variety of metal genres ranging from hard rock and progressive metal up to extreme metal acts


His first official appearance on the metal scene was in 2008 with Outloud with their debut album, and from then on participated in many local and international music projects, some of the most known being Greek power metal band “Minuetum” and Swedish death metal band “Mordikaii”


He also collaborated with several reputable musicians such as Timo Tolkki, Mariana Zhekova, Bob Katsionis, David Ellefson, Blaze Bayley and many others.


The past 6 years he has been playing guitar for Greek Thrash metal band “Memorain” releasing 4 studio albums:

Digital Line (2013), Seven Sacrifices (2013), Zero Hour (2014), and Duality of Man (2016).

He has toured with the band around Europe and Asian part of Russia on the bands last 5 major tours.