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GaoFunk 潘高峰

Born in Beijing. Independent musician. Lead vocalist and guitarist of band G-ELEVEN. Composer and producer. RadioDJ. Endorser of NUX

In 2005 GaoFunk formed the funk blues band G-ELEVEN, and won the championship of Levi’s National Campus Band Competitionin 2008, the national championship of YAMAHA Asian Beat Competition in 2009, and the championship of Huawei Music Competition in 2013. During 2007 to 2009, he joined 飘 / 欲望之箭 / 糖果枪 bands

In 2010 he was discovered by the famous producer Yadong Zhang, and started film and television soundtracks composing, pop music production and arrangement

In 2012 GaoFunk released the first original album “GaoFunk & G-ELEVEN” and performed in major music festivals and national tours

In 2015, he joined the famous TV show “Sing My Song (Season 2)”

In 2017 GaoFunk signed as an endorser of D’Addario

In 2018 he released the 2nd album “灵魂城市” and performed during the national tour

In 2020, GaoFunk singed as an endorser of NUX