Apernit Singh

Acknowledged widely for his unique playing, Apernit has worked with some of the most notable industry names like Talvin singh, Roop kumar rathod, shreya ghoshal, mohit chouhan, Shivamani, himesh reshamia, Amit trivedi, Pritam, Sonu nigam, Shaan and many more. 

Throughout his career apernit has composed, sang and delivered notable projects both in films, documentaries and advertising. Indian classical, Rock, Folk, Fusion, Jazz, all find unbiased place in his set of influences. This eclectic and open minded view has motivated him to always look for unique directions and keep up alongside with the search for his own musical sensibilities.

Years have gone by where these songs were only sung inside a small room, long hours of jamming sessions have pulsated only for soul sake and nothing short.


“…just want to play my heart out, that’s all.” he says.