Alexander Schoffer

Alexander Schoffer is a professional sound engineer, music producer and bass player from Germany. He plays bass for the band 7 Promille with 30+ shows a year with up to 5000 guests per show as well as an occasional bass sub for the BAYERN 1 Band,which plays as support for famous artists like Status Quo in front of up to 20.000 people. With his earlier band projects Dirty Saints and Stripped, he achieved airplays and live performances in German radio and tv shows

During his work as sound engineer (Royal Ace Sounds), he already went on tour with several bands from all over the world through countless European festivals and club shows. He also produced and mixed well sold rock and metal albums for major label signed bands like Nitrogods and My Darkest Hate

Alexander plays the NUX MLD Bass preamp and is also endorsed by Pyramid strings